Commit 971fcfb8 authored by Marco Descher's avatar Marco Descher

[11238] liquibase add columnDataType requird for mariadb/mysql

parent 08cc8718
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......@@ -1897,11 +1897,11 @@ DROP TABLE TEMP_ETIKETTEN_OBJCLASS_LINK;
foreignKeyName="TASKDESCRIPTOR_FK_ID" />
<renameColumn tableName="TASK"
<renameColumn tableName="TASK" columnDataType="VARCHAR"
oldColumnName="DESCRIPTORID" newColumnName="DESCRIPTOR" />
<modifyDataType tableName="TASK"
columnName="DESCRIPTOR" newDataType="VARCHAR(25)" />
<addNotNullConstraint tableName="TASK"
<addNotNullConstraint tableName="TASK" columnDataType="VARCHAR"
columnName="DESCRIPTOR" />
<addForeignKeyConstraint constraintName="TASKDESCRIPTOR_FK_ID"
referencedTableName="TASKDESCRIPTOR" baseColumnNames="DESCRIPTOR" baseTableName="TASK"
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