Commit 0b58d7cc authored by Thomas Huster's avatar Thomas Huster

[20815] add outbox view to inject views

parent 033b1cfb
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ public class ElexisProcessor {
"ch.elexis.core.ui.medication.views.MedicationView", "ch.elexis.icpc.encounterView",
"ch.elexis.icpc.episodesView", "ch.elexis.omnivore.views.OmnivoreView",
"ch.elexis.omnivoredirect_view", "ch.elexis.schoebufaelle", "ch.elexis.HistoryView",
"ch.elexis.core.ui.documents.views.DocumentsView", "at.medevit.elexis.outbox.ui.view"
private String[] e4ViewIds = {
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